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    Question 2 Questions/One of them I hope is alright to say

    1.) I just got my gear from a company called Mex RX anyone heard of it? Is it legit?

    2.) This is my third (cycle) if you will. Its's been pushing two years since I hit the bean. Is this set up going to yield results?

    QV Boldenon 400mg/week
    QV test 250 500/week (or shoulld I go with the test but switch to 400mg of deca ? I plan on running it for atleast 12-16 weeks.) Of course I will have to get more gear.
    Any help would great Mack13

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    I wouldn't shout sources if i were you but you have to give some more stats and be a little more specific.

    IMO, More keepable lean tissue gains would come from 500mg test/400mg EQ. The deca will give you more water weight and bloat versus lean gains and vascularity with eq. Thats just from my experience bro. Don't forget your ancilliries and pct.

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