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    crystal DNP info?

    Any guys here have experience/links regarding crystal DNP ?I aquired the crystal and im gonna start a cycle next week sometime.All the studies ive read thus far are articles on the powder form.

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    Same substance just much more powerful. Supposedly its 3* as powerful as powder. I'd wait to get sv1's or kom's input

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    I'm not up on crystal DNP because almost no one carries it (and I'm perfectly happy with powder). I do know that it can be made from powdered DNP. Here is all the info I have about crystal DNP from various places.


    I uncovered this mystical form of DNP in a thread that, I believe, has been moved to best of Elite. In short, "Crystal DNP" is simply the sodium salt of DNP.

    DNP, a weak acid, is made into it's conjugate base following addition of a base. TUMS, for instance, contains Ca2+ carbonate, a stronger base than baking soda (Na+ bi-carbonate).

    DNP (powder) has limited solubility in water. On the other hand, it's salt (Na+ DNP) is very soluble in water. I imagine that crystal DNP is so much stronger than powder because it is absorbed in the gut at a much higher %. However, once in the system, DNP is DNP. The difference lies only in absorption.

    I don't believe taking powder DNP with TUMS will convert it into crystal. The base in TUMS will quickly be neutralized by stomach acid. Instead, if one wishes to convert powder to crystal, grinding and stirring are required, along with massive water consumption before and after dosing.



    Powder + Tums tabs (grind, stir in water) --------> viola! Crystal DNP


    Adding Baking Soda to the DNP makes the PH of the stomach much les acidic, so therefore the DNP enters the stomach faster.

    Its excatly the same theory for taking baking soda in the AM(28g), and taking all your pills in the AM. the Baking Soda buffers all the stomach acids making the intestines less acidic and therfore the compound can enter at a faster speed, and less of the parent compound is destroyed.

    Even Potassium Citrate can be used for this purpose...and is even better than baking soda.(AS PC is a buffering agent as well)

    PC(Potassium Citrate) + Powder DNP + water + heat lamp Dry it = SUPER CRYSTAL DNP.


    Crystal DNP = Powdered DNP + Baking Soda + Water + Dry it. have crystal DNP.

    Classs dismissed you troglodytes.

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