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    pct what you think?

    Im starting a cycle of test ent. at 500mg ev. I will run proviron and nolvadex during the enitre cycle at 20mg ed. Hcg will be aministred the last weeks.
    Then clomid for two weeks, day 1: 300mg, day 2: 100, day 3: 50 etc
    Clenbuterol after the end of cycle and on for 8weeks.

    so what do you think, is anything not good or superflous? pleae tell...

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    There's no need for HCG . The cycle is very mild. Run the Proviron at 50mg and Nolva at 10mg ED through the cycle. Stop the proviron before PCT and then up the nolva to 20mg ED through PCT with clomid.

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