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    test flu?? helllp

    ive been sick for the past 2 days and im wondering if its test flu.. i havnt had a fever but my nose i runny and im coughing here and there nothing big.. but the worst thing is i feel groggy.. my eyes feel like closing not a good feeling also sweating alot. i just want to recover. should i stop my cycle untill i recover? im currently on 500 mg sust eod and 50 mg winnstrol ed.

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    Don't stop your cycle. Just treat it like a real flu. Get alot of sleep and fluids. Drink some chicken soup, you will get over this in no time. It can last up to a week. Taking more shots won't make you more sick.

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    my first cycle was sust back in the day and i got the sust flu also, the bro above is right on the money. there is nothing you can due accept wait it out. drink lots of fluids ECT: my flu lasted 5 days.


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    I had the same thing with test E bro, all I did was get some cough syrup and a sinus cold caplets. After about a week I was good to go. Plenty of sleep too will help a lot.

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    i recently had sus flue it is **** man...... but i had a fever so it just maybe be a slight virus, howerver more gear wount make u worse as the guys said, but i would not train untill about the 3rd day clear of your recovery as i did and it put me back a week good luck man just sweat as much as u can

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    The first time I did sust, i felt like i'd been hit by a mack truck. It went away in a few days though.

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