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Thread: Waving doses?

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    Waving doses?

    I compete in powerlifting and I have been researching on the best way to cycle my goodies for a meet. From what I have found so far it seems that bodybuilding cycles and powerlifting cycles are very different. Here is an example of what I have been told to do. Wave the test dose starting at under a gram in the weeks before I start meet prep training. 8-10 weeks out take the test to 1-2 grams and start adding in other drugs like tren or eq. 5 weeks out take 4-5 grams (including orals). I was also told while waving the test, switch around the other drugs every 3 weeks. The reason I was given was interesting. Your body will adapt to the drugs much like it will adapt to an excercise. So just like you should change up your excercises in training, you should switch up and wave the drugs to confuse it. This seems to make since to me, and I also can see how you could run a long cycle by doing it this way. I was interested in what some of you vets would have to say about this.

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    I dont agree.... constant levels of a compound in the blood is what makes gains. Not tossing a bunch of things in irradically so that the "drugs confuse it"
    So what do you mean by "the test 1-2 GRAMS?" that is a HUGE variance in the levels... why so much?
    Also 5 weeks out to take EQ? I dont agree with that either. one- it takes a while for EQ to kick in. two- Im not sure if its a huge strength builder...?
    And 4-5 GRAMS is a ton of gear....
    This seems to be an older way to look at stacking and cycling IMO.... so no bueno
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