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    abusing steroids??

    what does abusing steroids exactly mean? i think using steroids once a year or twice to take ur body to a diffrent level is not abusing.. some say takign steroids without prescription or takign it when your body doesnt realy need it is abusing.. i see drug addicts shooting up heroin and killing themselves now thats abusing... can some1 clear this up for me? am i a steroid abuser?? lool

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    steriod abuse means to me....

    ..imo is peeps that use without knowledge..they stay on without anytype of off time, and/or after a cycle no type of pct-when they loose everything go back on thinking they need to go back on because the loss in gains from before, mentally lets say it affects their everyday life incl' jobs, family personal things etc...i dont think you're a abuser....

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