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    can i up the eq dosage

    i am currently in week 4 of 500 mg CYP a weeks, and 400 mg EQ a week, i know they say to take 100 mg more a week of test than other steriods , but if EQ does not shut your stuff down, what would be the benefit of keeping the test higher.i guess i want to up the dosage because since i stopped taking d bol i have not seen any increases in strength or weight. i also am really sick ( possibly test flu, ) went to doctor and qot some antibiotics, and i am hoping that once the sickness passes everything will kick in, .
    How will i know when it kicks in, the d bal was great, i knew it was working, now im not so sure about the test and eq. I did see a special on dateline about british dragon test that it came in at 50 % strength, maybe this is true. well if all else fails i still have a bunch of naps i could throw back in, if so when could i add d bol back into the cycle. i gained about 15 lbs in the first 3 weeks, staying constant now.
    any info appreciated and has anyone noticed the test kicking in after the test ful passes.
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    Who told you EQ wont' shut you down? EQ takes about 5 weeks till it starts being noticable from hunger to lean muscle and vascularity

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    you would have been better off frontloadin a larger dose.Upping the doseage as you go alongs not really a good idea bro(IMO).

    Also i wouldnt look at dbol as something you can just keep"throwin in"whenever you want to-BAD IDEA!.The big quick gains is what dbol does.ITS NOT the same with the other compounds.They give you much slower(but better)gains.Stop being so impatient dude.Your not gonna turn into arnie off one cycle no matter how much you take.Be cool....train hard,eat well.....get your rest.Its not all about the drugs isit.

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