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    why use tribulus?

    It seems to my that the use of tribulus is not very smart. Since hcg is both better and cheaper why recomend guys to use it?

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    why isnt using trib smart?

    HCG after a cycle isnt smart because i believe it can convert to estrogen, u dont want that after a cycle or during PCT- maybe during cycle its cool but thats it

    trib doesnt covert to estrogen, and can be used during and after a cycle

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    That is true trib can be used during and after the cycle and hcg only during but the results from hcg are far greater than trib anyday. So if you can get your size up to par during the cycle- recovery will be better.

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    HCG will give a 'synthetic' effect of testosterone boost! that means it will make your bosy 'think' that the levels have been restored and your testicles will shoot back out, HCG will not restore your levels, clomid must be used after HCG for your body to really restore the levels.

    Tribulus will 'really' restore your naural test levels, so it is great for safely restoring your test levels that have been lowered due to age or any other condition.

    Trib alone cannot restore your levels fully after a cycle! and HCG alone cannot do that either! Clomid is the only one that will recover you after a cycle effectively, HCG and Trib can be used for even better and faster recovery as an addition to PCT.

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