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    BOSTONBEATDOWNS is offline Associate Member
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    Aug 2004

    Question 1st cycle please someone help

    my stats are
    max bench is 295
    age is 24

    my goals are to bulk up up safely can anybody suggest anything to me also my plans were to take some sort of test can anybody help me choose one these are some i have to choose from... and this will be my first cycle and i have the proper pct and diet planned... any suggestions please feel free thanx.
    ...supertest 250 tornel sustanon 10ml
    test 400 dk 10ml
    teston qv 200 cypionate 10ml
    testosterona 4l/a 250mg 10ml
    testosterona bv 100 10ml
    testosterona bv 200 10ml
    testosterona bv 50 20ml
    testosterone 200 depot tornel

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    Paingain is offline Banned
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    Jul 2004
    If I wanted to bulk up and it was my first cycle, I would run just test, and probably the QV cypionate would be my first choice, and get 2 bottles of it.

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    juicelee is offline Associate Member
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    Apr 2004
    I would also go with the test cyp by Qv to bulk up, and get two or three bottles of it.

    I personally like test 400 by denkall , but it got a bad rep cause of the unbalance of the tests in it

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