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    Fat Loss Cream??

    Is there a topical fat loss cream by perscription? I just want the name. I'll find out myself where to get it. Thanks Guys.

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    the drug store
    Not commercially available, but I did read an article by Dan Duchaine once how if you can get some aminophylline tablets & incorporate them into Aquaphor (a petroleum based product similar to Vaseline), that combination supposedly works well. I suppose it really is just pulling water out of the subcutaneous area, however.

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    Oral products work better. Welcome to the board.

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    I've tried a few non-prescription creams, they dont really work. they tighten the skin a bit, if you rub it in ur stomach prior to UV exposure, but still, waste of money. I've experimented with a cream of my own once. I crushed clen and very concentrated yohimbie tablets into powder, added some alcohol and rubbed it in prior to doing cardio. I definately felt the sweat in that area, as well as yohimbie and clen rush. as for results, i did lose a nice amount of fat around my waist, but i was working out like a maniac and taking GH, win, clen and tren , so can't give all the credit to my creation.. most of those fat loss creams have caffeine in them. I suggest u order some thiomucase cream, it's not that expensive. take some clen, ephedrine, caffeine, yohimbie, whichever u have, or combine a few, crush into powder, mix with thiomucase, and rub it in deeply for about a min before tanning and excercizing, it will def. help a bit. good luck!

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    effective delivery and ingredients (considerably more so than duchaines formulation- though will give credit to him for the idea- at least from this perspective)

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