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    My blood work results..please critique

    Hey im not sure if this goes here but i recently got blood work done and was hoping someone could interperate these numbers for me and let me know if id be safe to do a cycle of s1+/M1T or Test Prop and Anavar . Here are nmy results.

    Component Referance Range My Scores

    WBC 4.5-11.0 k/CUMM 8.2
    RBC 4.60-6.20 M/CUMM 5.01
    HGB 14.0-18.0 G/DL 14.3
    HCT 40.0-54.0 % 43.0%
    MCV 83-97 FL 85.8
    MCH 27-31 PG 28.5
    MCHC 32-37% 33.2%
    Platelet CT 150,000-400000 /CUMM 214000
    Cholesterol 0-199 MG/DL 121
    Triglycerides 0-149 MG/DL 100
    HDL Low: >40MG/DL 32 (L)
    LDL 0-129 MG/DL 69
    Chol/HDL Ratio 0.0-4.9 3.8
    Glucose Ser 65-99 MG/DL 98
    TSH .40-5.50 MIU/ML 1.34
    Creatine .5-1.4 MG/DL 1.2
    SGPT (ALT) 2-60 U/L 23
    Alkaline Phos 20-125 U/L 53
    Calcium 8.5-10.4 MG/DL 9.0
    Albumin 3.7-5.1 G/DL 4.2
    Total Testosterone 241-827 NG/DL 664
    Leukocyte Esterase UR Low: Negative Negative
    PH Urine 5.0-7.5 7.0
    Protien, Urine Screen Low: Negative Negative
    Glucose Qualitive U Low: Negative Negative
    Ketone Screen Urine Low: Negative Negative
    Blood Urine Low: Negative Negative
    Nitrate, UR Screen Low: Negative Negative

    Any feedback from you knowledgeable guys would be greatly appreciated.



    EDIT - I attached the text file to see thge bloodwork more clearly as the formatting when i submitted the post wasnt good.
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    Where did you get it done and how much was it

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    Is this pre or post cycle or no cycle?

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    According to the reference ranges you are in good shape. Nothing abnormal, test average but should of taken two important ones. 1.Free test 2. estrogen

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    Post M1T/4-AD and nolva/clomid PCT. I had been done with the PCT for about 4 weeks when these tests were taken. They were free paid for by my HMO as i was having odd symptoms and my doctor thought i should get full blood work done.

    bluethunder, should i call up and ask them what the Free test and estrogen levels were? Would they have that and they just didnt put it on the printout sheet or would it involve another test?

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    Since it was free, Yes I would ask. Low free test levels Or high estro levels can cause many symptoms. Im assumimg you told him you took some prohormones/mild steroid .

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