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Thread: Need Advise

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    Need Advise

    I have been off the sauce since January, my last cycle consisted of aratest250, cyp, deca300,and a little d-bol. I am gettin excited cause this next cycle will contain GH (ohhhh I cant wait)heehee, anyways I am wondering when would be the best time to start back up, I was thinking April, but I am growing impatiant.
    I plan to use this....

    *Suspension 1cc/ed for 2 weeks
    *d-bol 40mg/ed for 4 weeks
    ****GH 6iu's/ed start the 2nd week for 12wk
    Slin 2iu's/ed moving up to 9iu's/ed 2nd wk 12wk
    Some sort of test????12wk

    Now, my question is what kind of test should I use? aratest was prop/enthanate, and I used cyp, so should I use something like sus, I want to make sure my receptors are wide open for the best possible results, can anyone give some advise?

    Thankz in advance

    200 pounds
    7% b/f
    27 years old
    3rd cycle

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    IMO I'd go with either cyp or enanthate , whichever is cheaper cause they both are great! I don't like the sust.omna combos cause you have to guess at what your blood levels are at, it's not consistant since they all release at different times. I'd hold off on the GH until your older, but to each his own.

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    I think your cycle looks great...I think a straight enanthate would work very well....You are a lucky man to be able to use GH

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    thank you for the input fellas, I think I will go with the cyp, seeing I have used it before, and it did have somewhat of a kick to it.

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