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    5/8" deep enough for delt injection?

    Is a 5/8" 25G needle sufficient for injecting in the delts. I'm 6'2" 235lbs. and very lean. I've been going in the delts with Aratest2500 and I haven't noticed any swelling (I read somewhere that you may notice swelling if you do not go deep enough into the muscle tissue).

    By the way, I've been shooting EQ in my quads with the 1" needle. My quads happen to be really huge compared to the rest of my body so I wanted to also make sure that a 1.5" may be suitable for the quads?

    Any suggestions?

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    i use 1" 23g for everything...delts,bis,tris,quads,glutes...i'd be a little leary with a 1 1/2" for my quads...but you say what you have been doing is working for you so i wouldnt change a search for site injections.goodluck bro

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    you should be Ok on both. I personally use 1" 23 quage in the delts but if you are lean enough itll be allright
    25 takes to long to inject for me and to much work

    1.5" is definitly suitable for quads

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    5/8 is good for shoulders, chest,calves, bi's, and tri's...Peace

    Vet@ BigdogBodybuilding
    Vet@ Anabolic Impact

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    5/8 is only thing i use fore delts

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    That will be fine unless you are a fat bastard...

    I use 1 inch for everything including glutes.

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