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    Question Some Input Would Be Nice

    Me & My friend want to do a Winny/Deca /Sust Cycle: (Disregarding the Clen /Winny Cycle) I have all the Gear to run it like this tell me what you GUYS THINK...ALL INPUT NEEDED:

    Sust-500mg a week (should I split up in 2 shots a week @250 each.)
    Deca-400mg a week (One shot)
    Winnie-50mg EP a Day (Can We Drink it and still get the same results) Or is it safer to inject?...

    Were going away to Aruba in June so want this cycle to help big time before we go.....Please dont flame me if I said something dumb I have done my research just making sure my intake and all is well...Also have clomid for post-cycle.

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    Sus Will be Run for weeks 1-8
    Deca -Weeks 1-8
    Winny-Weeks 6-10

    Sorry I forgot that part.

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    winny wk 5-11 clomid 2 days out,you can drink it
    id divi the deca 2x wk with sus

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    what 4p said
    mix the sus and deca together in 1 shot twice a week, and yes you can drink the winny, since your doin all that injecting on the other stuff anyways.........

    peace bb79

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