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    Question How 2 get on track after a poor start?

    I was introduced to gear through a friend who, in retrospect, gave questionable advice at best (for which I take full responsibility as I should have done my own research).

    Six years ago I did my first cycle...straight d-bol with decent results considering. Having not been properly informed about down time, pct, etc I began mixing, matching, & doing a bit of this & that (can you think of a worse way to limit the effectiveness of the gear!) Over the next three years I scaled up to a cycle around 850mg/wk of sus 250 & A50....blew up like a water baloon & hung it up when I couldn't figure out why NOTHING would work anymore. I've trained 100% natural for the last three years & would like to pick it up again (armed with new knowledge of course!).

    My questions are as follows (started @ 140lbs-currently 165lbs...15%bf):
    1. Should I calculate dosage as a first timer again or look for something intermediate (2nd-3rd cycle advise?).
    2. I would like to use winny & test...seen friends & other lifters do well with it...& would like to know if there is any benefit to also stacking tren as I have read it can have great effect on athletes who's receptors aren't fresh?

    Thanx for the help & sorry this is so long!

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    I would say start from scratch. That's one of the reasons why they say to keep it simple first and add or subtract types of AS as you go , then you will see what actually works for you. Just because it is an AS doesn't mean that you will respond to it. I'd start with a test only cycle IMO.

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