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    Query on winstrol

    Hi i've been reading up lately on anabolics and trying to gain as much experience and knowledge in steroids before i decide to do my actual cycle. I am 19 at the momentand not planning on doing my first cycle for a couple years. At the moment though i am considering doing a winstrol cycle so i can loose some excess body fat. I am 112kilos and have 24.4% body fat. I have been dieting strictly for the last month and doing half an hour of cardio a day, and just can't seem to get rid of the weight. I have been doing weight training for about 1.5 years now. Any advice given would be very greatful, wether it be negative or positive, i am very open minded person and i am looking for my best options.

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    Winstrol has no cutting effects bro. It's a muscle hardener. Get a clean diet, throw in a little cardio, and maybe some Clen /ECA - then the weight should come right off..

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    A common myth. Winstrol doesn't burn fat like your wishing. Diet and cardio are your answer.

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