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    is it ok to run Clomid only after Sust Dbol Cycle

    hey wha kinda sust would b better indian sust or pakistani sust, Im thinking about running 250 mg of sust EO3D with Dbol at 35- 40 mgs a day.

    Question 1. What kind of Sustanon is better Pakistani or Indian
    Question 2. How long should i make this particular cycle
    Question 3. is running just clomid aftert this cycle ok since i dont have any hcg and cannot get any, if so how much clomid should i do, when, and at what dose.
    thanks alot guys, this is my second cycle. my first one was a Cutting cycle wich consised of clen for 2 weeks and eca for the toher 2 weeks thanks alot guys Preetz OO one last question how much do u guys pay for each amp of pakistani and or indian thanks once again preetz

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    reguarding your PCT - you can refer to the PCT forum. But anyways..... do 300 the 1st day and 100 for 30. (thats what im doing)

    I don't think HCG is necessary unless your doing a really long cycle. Im hittin around 15 weeks of test and not using HCG.

    as for the length of your cycle.... i'd say 10-12 weeks.... it's your 1st real cycle.

    I havn't used Sustanon so i can't comment all that much on how much or who's better.

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