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Thread: gyno questions

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    gyno questions

    hey guys just have a few follow up questions from a previous post

    1. How much would it help if I took nolv during my first cycle to decrease water retention? How much should i take per day to help this with also keeping most of my gains at the same time?
    2. Since i have had gyn from puberty would my chances of it becoming aggravated increase if i did a cycle? Ie have my nipples gotten as big as their going to get already.
    3. Has anyone used a high dose of nolva prior to starting a cycle to try to decrease their gyn with any results

    thanks again

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    1. 20mg/day during cycle and 20mg/day PCT
    2. i would think so. did you have gyno sergically removed? (sorry cant really help with this one)
    3. some use nolva precycle, it doesnt hurt but from what i read, i find it does nothing for ya

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    nolva prevents,does not cure,sorry.

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    Gynomastia can only be cured through surgery. The surgery's will also not guarnteed that the gyno will not come back. And it leaves a wicked(not wicked in a good way) looking scar.

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