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    who here favours for a return for chat room

    hey guys just wonder how many ppl here are in favour for steroid .com to have thier 24 hour chatroom again. i think when we had it it was a wicked idea. alota a help fast n easy also had some negative sides to is where as the scammers such as bulk,bulkorders and the reest of his screen names scam ppl for thier money, also one other thing i did not like was how they displayed ur ip adress soon as u get on, but i think we should bring it bakk who knows ppl let me know what u think maybe if one of the mods see alot of ppl are in favour for this they might bring it bak jus my 2 cents. i know that this prolly odesnt belong in this part of the message bored but i put it on here because i know that alota ppl come here and see this. sorry mods if im voiolating the rules then feel free to remove this thread. thanks a lot guys
    give me the feedbak.!

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    throw this in the lounge.. I do beleive there is a anabolic chat room on msn that some emmbers created/joined awhile ago.. anabolic buddies I think it was called

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    im not in favor of the chat room because of the negative things you mentioned and more. i think this site is great just how it is.

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