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    Is T-400 dosed correctly?

    How accurately dosed is T-400? I believe I read sometime earlier that is was pretty darn close to manufacturers specs. Other than that, what do you guys believe (or know for fact) are the most accurately dosed testosterones out there (longer acting test that is, enan or cyp)? The reason I ask is because I want have less injection than I do with the tornel I presently use at the same dosages.

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    I think it consist of approx 357mg instead of 400mg.

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    From what I've seen a batch was once tested at 349 mg/ml. Also the ba content is about 10% ouch . Plus the majority of it is cypionate and enanthate which are both med esters. It only contains 32 mg of prop. So you might as wall take 2 ml of t-200. IMHO

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