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    In a Eq/winny cycle will clen do anything?

    1-8 : EQ 400mgs/week
    5-11: Winny 50mgs ED

    if i add clen to the last 2 weeks of my winny will i see some good results with proper cardio? or will it not do much?THANKS

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    1. Would not hurt to have EQ run for the duration.....
    2. Would add a steady LT androgenic component, even if minimal
    3. Clen can act as appetite suppressant and keep EQ hunger in "check"

    week 1-8 400 EQ (not 10, for quicker Clomid treatment)
    week 1-7 250 enanthanate testaviron (iranian, spain, turkey)
    week 6-10 50 winny ED
    week 8-10 Propionate 100mg EOD

    clen in conjunction with cardio, weeks 6-10. (65% MHR 4x week)
    clen AND E/C/A rotation 2 weeks on , 2 weeks off

    After an anticipated steady start, weeks 4-7 will provide physical and mental "well being". Weeks 8-10, as LT testo ester of enanth exits the BS, the propio intensely picks up the slack, alongside a fully active stanozolol and EQ at its "prime" at 8-10 weeks.

    At cycles conclusion, propionate and winny will be "deactivated" w/in a mere 24 hours to only by- products. EQ shot was 2-3 weeks ago. Thus, Clomid application begins 24 hours after last propio inject.

    Should be a good one, bro!!!!

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    Throw 0.25 mg of arimidex ed to keep the water retention down and Planet's cycle will work wonders for you.

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