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Thread: Gained 20Lbs!

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    nate da gr8 is offline Associate Member
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    Gained 20Lbs!

    Im doing clen along with my pct. I did a cycle of test cyp deca and winny at the end and packed on 20 lbs of muscle and feel great. I want to thank all the members that put up with all my dumb questions and helped me on the way You guys are awesome. Well anyways im on clen during my pct and just took 220 mcg's today my hand are started to shake pretty bad but im going up to 140 tomorrow!. I just have like this intense hunger all the time. Like i could eat every 1.5m hours it;s crazy. Does anyone else have this problem? I know clen maskes your metasbolism go haywire but this is nuts

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    fabry is offline Senior Member
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    Dec 2003
    pct is very important phase of your cycle. eat and train hard!
    220mcg of clen , seem a lot imo... 140-160mcg max dosage is not bad!

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    clen doesnt seem to make me any hungrier....but i have been sticking to about 150 mcg per day

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    test 200 and propionat 100 good to stack or no?

    Im starting a cycle with QV test 200 and QV propionat 100, are these decent

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