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Thread: Fina help

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    Fina help

    Whuz up fellas!!! I just have a quick question for anybody that can help. I am planing on stacking Fina along with Winny and EQ. The question that I have is what kind of gains can I expect using 75mg. EOD for 4 weeks. I am not so concerned with getting huge, because I play basketball. I am more concerned with improving my strength, speed and quickness, but most of all explosiveness. I will also be trying to cut my body fat a little, and was wondering if it is possible to site inject Fina into the ab region with an insulin pin? My cycle is looking like this EQ-400mg/wk( 10 wks ) Winny 50mg/EOD ( 6wks ) and Fina 75mg/EOD ( Last 4 wks ) Thanks a lot for all the info PEACE!!!!

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    i heard fina is not good for sporting events that require alot of stamina. i heard from other users on boards that using fina you will actually lose stamina and not gain it. but youll have the strength to dump that ball and break that back board.

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    thats a poor cycle how old are you

    you must be stupid or just ignorent read past post or something.
    abs and fina!!! oil baised gear is not used with a insulin pins. Insulin is used with insulin pins. leave out the fina and then you will be fine.

    shit man think

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    Fina in the stomach

    If you are a first time AS user then drop the fina!

    Week 1-10 T200 400mgs/week
    Week 1-10 eq 400mgs/week
    Week 6-12 Winnie 50mgs ED
    Arimidex at .25mg/day for the 12 weeks
    start clomid 3 days after your last winnie intake...300mgs 1st day, then 100mgs for 10 days, then 50mgs for 10 days

    That will give you the strength your looking for and keep you lean!

    You could swap the t200 for prop but i doubt you want to inject yourself ED for your first time out...It's up to you!

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