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Thread: Test BE4 FINA??

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    Test BE4 FINA??

    Hey guys my question is, does it make a diff if i run the test be4 i take the fina or should i just run the fina right away?.....i kno i need to run test at least 2 weeks after the fina. Heres what my cycle looks like help me out guys...thanks in advance...The test is Prop

    1cc of Test = 100mg
    1cc of EQ = 100mg
    1cc of Fina = 75mg

    Test @ 1.5cc(150mg) EOD 1-10
    EQ @ 1.5cc(150mg) EOD 1-10
    Fina @ 1cc(75mg) EOD 1-6

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    look sfine to me the way you have it laid out or you could run the fina 3 weeks past your last eq injection and start pct 3 days after the fina.

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    what kind of test are you using? if prop you should shoot everyday if it is cyp or enth you should only have to shoot twice a week.

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