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Thread: New guy

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    New guy

    Hi all. I've been reading this boards for a few months now, and I've learned a ton. I'm finally getting back in the gym after putting it off for a long time. I plan to go the natural way for at least the first 6 months or so until I get back into some sort of shape. I just wanted to de-lurk and say thanks for all the great info.


    Bench 165x4
    Body fat= awful. I'll update that in a few weeks

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    no worrys bro, get your diet in check and you should be in good shape in a more like 2 months. On the downside though, at 6ft weighin 175 and you say your bf is high, your gonna look pretty small if you cut. Maybe try to bulk a little (alot easier to get back into swing) then when you get your strength back up and more confidence start to cut. Just an opinion

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