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    First Test cycle

    Hey guys I need some opinions. I finished my Var only cycle about a month ago. I plan on finally using test pretty soon. I was convinced that I would use test E at 500mg/week from everything I head read on here. But after learning more about prop, Im thinking of using that at 75mg EOD instead. The reasone for this is because of the type of gains im trying to achieve. I liked the definition and cuts I got from Var and dont want to bloat from using test E. From what I have read prop causes less water retention and gains are more gradual rather then the sudden blown up effect u get from test E. Another main concern of mine is gyno. I am extremely prone and have a minor case of it from puberty. Since the half life of prop is 2 days rather than the 2 weeks from var I figured it may be easier to fight off. Well anyways hope you guys can come through with solid knowledge as usual.

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    How did the var cycle go?

    weight gains?
    how long did you run it.

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    75 mg eod is low,you will still have to worry about gyno with prop but the benifit is if you have bad reaction to the test you can stop and it will be out a lot faster,you better make sure to run nolva from the start.

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