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    Super NOOB Questions

    Let me start by just thanking you all for this forum.... Great place to learn!!

    I have been reading the Ed. threads for a couple of weeks now, but I still have a couple of questions.

    First: hypothetically, if I could get test in 10cc/ml bottles, how many would I need to complete a full 12 week cycle.?

    Second:I cam having a little cunfussion in regards to the cc to mg converison or vice-versa really...

    So if someone was to do 500mg of Test a week, broken down into 2 250mg days.. how many cc's would that be for each day?

    Thank-you in advance for your patience with my noob questions..

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    bro the best way to figure out how much you will need is to d/l the cycle planner from this site somewhere, then fill in the info and it calculates everything for you. how much u need depends on the dose you want to run.

    as for the second one, it depends on the strength of the gear. for instance some is 200, some 250, others as high as 500 mg/ml. but for you intent im assuming it's test 250 (250 mg per ml). If this is the case you would take 1 cc on your first day then 4 days later another 1 cc... youll continue this pattern until you get your 12 weeks in (which will come to 21 shots)

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    depends on amount you are going to shoot

    1cc = 1ml

    1ml = 1cc

    250mg per ml (or cc) = 250mg per shot..

    so if the bottle says 250mg/10ml

    means there is 10 shots with 1 cc each at 250 per shot..
    if it is test e.. you shoot 1 cc e3 days that's every 3 days

    if it is 100mg/ml test cyp... you would need 2 cc every week to = 200mg per week.
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    Thx guys,

    That helps bigtime!!


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