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    Question Deca shut down post PCT

    this is a question for a friend of mine that i lift with, hes very experianced with aas, as this will be his 5th or 6th cycle. he wants to run a test/deca /dbol bulker with 600mg deca and 800mg of test but is afraid he won't be able to perform post PCT, hes married so the wife would probably catch on that something wasn't right fairly quick lol.

    hes run 400mg deca before with no problems, should 600mg cause problems? not just trouble getting it up but libito wise as well. what would be the safest way to undertake a cycle like this with libito in mind? thanks bros
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    I dunno. Just tell him to eat alot of pusssy if he can't get it up and she prolly won't say a word. Seriously.

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