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Thread: Cycle Question

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    Cycle Question

    what's up everyone,, i have a question about my current cycle. i'm taking 200mg/week of QV deca , and i want to start stacking some d-bols that i have before they expire. my concern is that i have already taken d-bol tabs twice before, and i stopped taking them just 2 months ago to clean out my liver a bit. i had previously taken only the d-bols for 8 weeks and made decent gains, before taking the 2 months off, then started the deca by itself.

    i wanted to know if i begin the d-bol tabs again while i take the deca (which i plan to up the dose soon) will it be a waste of the tabs or will my body still respond good to the tabs since i'm stacking with deca?

    i just wanted some opinions, i'm sure someone else here has stacked these two and can help me out!

    thanks in advance guys!

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    where exactly is your test...deca only cycles are gross man...

    deca and dbol isnt getting any better...and it will be hard to keep gains...and a girlfriend...

    get some test.

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