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    People respond differently to AS

    People gain weight faster than others while on cycles. It is week 8 already and I weigh only 214 in the mornings. Its like Ive been at this weight since like week 5. Maybe its all quality muscle and I will keep it on PCT. I thought steroid strength in the gym you can lift so much more. I see improvements, but not dramatically like omg I cant believe what I can lift. I thought 500mg of sust and 400mg of deca would be a nice big cycle and increase alot of strength and weight? I know you will ask what is your diet like, I am eating really alot whenever I can. 6 meals. Does it matter alot of how much water you drink a day? Cant that gain weight also since your body is like 70% water. Should I make myself drink a gallon a day?

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    A gallon should be minimum, try for 1.5 a day or so.

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    If your not carrying a milk jug full of water wherever you go, you should be. Like my man said above a gallon is minimum.

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    Which is it week 8 or 6 like your other thread says. And yes water is VERY inportant, i try to put down 1.5-2.0 gallons a day while on cycle.

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