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    Am I still considered "too young" to start on steroids?

    I am currently 20 and will be turning 21 this March. I am curious as to if I should wait a little longer to start on steroids or if it would be ok for me to move into a cycle. The picture in my avatar is of me so as you can see I do have some moderate definition. I just want to add some more mass to my muscles and then I want to go into a cutting phase to cut out all the excess water and fat that I would get from my bulk cycle. Thanks for the help.

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    I am 19, going on 20...

    Some people are fine at your age, some are not...

    Most will say that 23 is the *magic* age though...

    It's really up to you bro.. that's what I have been told anyways.. hope that helps...

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    Bro, I'm also 19. People told me I was too young, and I probably am, but I feel I have a good enough base at 185. A 18 year old at 145 might think he has a good enough base, which he obviously does not. Its all a personal decision.

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    If you are not in a rush do all your reaserch and get everything in order to do it right. Like it was said bro 23 is better. But I started my first at your age. Knowing what I know now I would have waited bro. Get to your max natural growth/strength then hit the gear. Diet/proper training/sleep until you feel as though you hit your mark bud. your going to do whats your going to do, so GOOD LUCK BRO.

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    rip off Ireland
    I did my first cycle last year when i was 20yr old and got on vary well so good look what ever you deside bro.

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    i did my first cycle at 20 with test cyp, got good results

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    did my first cycle at 20 it was good bro sust and deca youll grow like a weed

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