I wanna run another cycle soon but im on a few different medications for my arthritis... im still testing out different meds at the moment to see which one works best...as of now my doc has me on azulfidine which is a sulfa drug, indocin which is an nsaid, and 1/2 a pill of prednisone/day until my next doctor visit.... ive done alot of research through the PDR and other websites and from what i have collected... their would be no interaction between these meds and if i ran a solid cycle of deca and a test?? the reason i want to run the deca is for my joints in the first place and the test just as a base so i dont get deca dick or anything else... what is any of your opinions on this?? would it be a wise idea to run a cycle while on these meds or maybe just wait it out longer to see what happens... btw... i have psoriatic arthritis in a few of my toes, achilioes tendon, and calfs.... also this would be my third cycle... and also i have been off for about 31/2 months now??? any idea... thanks alot..