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    2nd Cycle, what do you think?

    I am just looking to gain some quality not so much quantity muscle. I want to harden up and cut some fat. First cycle was Test E 500mg 10 weeks. I will mix in cardio about three times a week this time apposed to zero times a week first time.

    Stats: 5'10
    12-14% BF

    Cycle: w1-12 Test E 750mg
    w1-10 Tren 75mg ed
    PCT Nolva 20mged throughout and clomid two weeks after last Test shot.

    I will probably stay around 3500cals instead of 5000. 300g of protein.
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    Looks good bro, should be a monster after that one.. only thing is, wheres the anti-e's during? I'd throw in some femara @ 1.25mg EOD, Nolva @ 10mg ED, B6 @ 200mg ED weeks 1-14..

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    make sure you stick to that cardio routine, it's hard as sh*t but you gotta do it to shred up. good luck the stack sounds good. i'd even think about adding some eq

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    I recommend some Eq in there to even things out a bit..just Test E and Tren leaves some room for other things that can add wonders to your cycle.
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