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    sust and winny questions?

    whats up peoples! i have a couple of questions for anyone who is kinda enough to take their time out and help me out itl b very appreciated thanks. 1st off im 25 5/7 at 160lbs and bin hittn the gym for 3 years now. this is my 1st cycle and my goal here is to put on a few quality pounds nothing to crazy and add a lil extra strength. on this cycle il b running only one bottle of sust for eight weeks and thinking of running winny to but not sure i also have 60 10mg nolvas for the pct. and taking milk thistle and glucosamine to. so my 1st question is sholud i expect the results im looking for on this little cycle or i shouldnt even bother? 2nd is 60 10mg nolvas even enough for the pct. and in any case of any problems occure? 3rd from puberty my nips were left a little puffy is this something i should really b worried about on this cycle?thanks again for any of your help.

    my cycle
    1st week 250mgs
    2nd week 250 mgs
    3rd week 250mgs
    4th week 250mgs
    5th week 500mgs
    6th week 500mgs
    7th week 250mgs
    8th week 250 mgs

    like i said earlier im thinking of running winny with it to but not sure when and how much? i also bin told the winny will help from any chances of gyno is this true? well again thanks for any help ya can offer.

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    SUS needs to be injected EOD to keep blood levels stable due to the short esters in the SUS. Also, 250mg is a waste....... You are using enough to shut yourself down but will see hardly anything in gains. Minimum 500mg a week for no less then 10 weeks. I would not use winny to keep from geting gyno this is what anti-e's are for.

    1 - 10 SUS 125mg EOD
    1 - 13 Nolva 10mg ED
    1 - 13 L-dex .25mg ED

    Start PCT 3 weeks after last SUS injection
    Day 1 300mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 2 - 30 100mg Clomid / 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex
    Day 31 - 37 20mg Nolva / .25mg L-dex

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