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Thread: M1T & 1-AD

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    M1T & 1-AD

    I have read a little here and elsewhere about prohormones, especially 1-AD and M1T. Do they produce pretty good gains? Do the gains keep after the cycle? I am currently researching AS and looking into trying for the first time. I was thinking about trying these in the meantime. I'm looking to pack on about 10-15lbs. of quality muscle.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    PH will give you mixed reviews. I personally have had good gains from 1-AD whereas other bros hate them. M1T is a legal steroid , not a PH. Most bros who use that have great results and a few hate it as well. Ill be using M1T in about two months. Check out nsa's M1T faq.

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    ya 1-ad does work but once you try m1t, u will never go back..i did nsa sample cycle and i only gained around 8lbs which is good but i wasnt eating right dumbbell flat bench went from 85's to 105's...and my incline barbell went from i think 175-225 so it works great! just make sure you follow nsa;s cycle sample!

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    Should be in the sup's forum.

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    Should be in the sup's forum.

    wrong... legality has nothing to do with whether or not these two compounds are steroids .... which they are. that being said, this is in the right forum.


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