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    need some revised cycle help

    Since my source crapped out im stuck with a bag of gear and it looks like im going to have to change up my is what i have:

    162 i.u gh left
    4000mg T-200
    5000mg deca
    8000mg eq
    enough dbol to kill a person
    22 50mg winny injects
    about 100 winny tabs
    750 mg sustanon .

    what do you think i should use with this......i was wanting to go up to 6 iu gh..but i think my source fucked me on my last order so im out one sero kit and 2 t basically with what I have left what would you suggest...i have been doing T3 and clen and losing body fat like a mad man...actually dropped under 230 lbs which is not good...I want to stay lean but i would prefer a solid 230 -240..........any suggestions?

    I attached my proposed cycle in .zip need excel to view it....any critique would be useful.....I know there are some blunders...please keep the flames to a minimum.
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    post it normaly!!! I haven't put winzip back on my computer yet!!

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