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    themud, pls advice...

    im in wk 3 of my cycle with pink dbols, bd cyp and bd eq (both are 200m/ml).
    1-4/5 dbols 30g ed
    1-12 1ml cyp e3d
    1-12 1ml eq e3d
    proviron @ 50mg ed and nolva @ 10mg ed
    ...and i will finish with prop after last cyp till pct!

    i am also usin some deca 100-120mg per wk just to help joints and seems to work already coz i had a little pain on my knee that is already gone even if weights are gettin bigger!

    just in case i decide to add some tren (acet or hex) in it, mid-end of cycle, how can include it in the best way? i was thinkin of runnin a short 6 wks with it... just for some good strength... waste or good idea?

    thanks for your help

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    IMO I feel it would be a waste to run it for 6 weeks....... I would go no less then 10 weeks.

    What's your cycle history look like?

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    And in less than 12 minutes he that's customer service if there ever was one. hahahahaha

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