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    How do I find out????

    I have a question about a site not a juice site but a so called supplement site(who knows) can I post the site to see if any one has used this stuff or the name of it with out geting in trouble on here?? And if not then how do I find out about this stuff.
    Its funny how i found out about this stuff. My UPS guy droped off a package to me and noticed that I work out and ask if I know the guy around the block from me said that he picks packages up from him all week long little packages and that he's f-ing jacked. I said no but get me info on what he sells or if I can stop by his house and talk to him. Well make a long story short Im eating dinner tonight and my UPS guy just stoped by with the info no package just the info...pretty cool he did that. Well i want to find out if any body knows anything???????Or what???

    Thanks LS1

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    PM a Mod bro...

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