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Thread: M1t Over Time

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    M1t Over Time


    I know this is in the wrong forum, but this forum probably has the most experience with loss of gains over time.

    Alright, basicly I'm planning on running a 1ad/4ad stack, followed up by two four week cycles of m1t, using nsa's ideas and modifying. I was wondering what u bros though my loss of gains would be if I went with 1ad/4ad then two cycles of m1t, or should I just go three cycles of m1t 4 wk on, 6 wk off, 4 wk on, 4wk off, 4wk on, OFF

    Basicly what I am asking is if you thing I'd get better gains with the m1t, or will doing a cycle of 1ad/4ad hurt my receptors engough to limit gains on m1t cycle. Not sure if this all makes sense.

    I have run 1ad/4ad in the past with good results, but not sure how many lb's I gained because I switched from cutting to bulking diet and stayed on the bulking diet for a long time after the cycle, and just got round as hell...

    Lemme know what you guys think.

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    I know nothing of these prohormones, but I shall bump this for you.

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