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    Thumbs up 2nd cycle...sort of

    First cycle was about 8 months ago. Did sust for 10 weeks and dbol for 4. Sust was E3D. I'm pretty sure the sust was fake or atleast heavily cut with something else. The reason I think it was fake was because I didn't really seem to gain any strength or mass in the last 5 weeks of the cycle. I started at 177 and got to 192. My diet was very good, PCT was somewhat incomplete. I've been training and eating well, but my wieght has dropped to 182. I kept nearly all of the strength I gained though. What would you suggest for a second cycle. I'm 5'11'' 182 and about 10-12%BF. My goals are to scare the crap out of 200 and hopefully stay at atleast 190 (I know that depends mostly on me) I want to stay relatively lean and gain size and strength.

    I've looked into the novice cycles on the main page, but I want to hear what you guys think. In case it matters I have a sick metabolism. I eat constantly just to maintain my weight (lots of carbs,calories and protien)3000-4000 most normal days.

    I was thinking something like this. What would you change and is it necessary to run it for 12 weeks.
    1-4 30mg/dbol
    1-10 enanthate 500mg/week
    1-10 deca 300mg/week
    clomid and nolvadex
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