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Thread: test flu.....?

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    Thumbs down test flu.....?

    Hey guys.....

    Im on day 17..... I've been hitting test prop ed at 100mg the whole time and also i've done 600 test e and 500 EQ per week. I know the test E and the EQ havn't kicked in yet - but i definately know the prop has. A few days ago i felt like a million bucks and ever since last night..... i've felt so d*mn sh*tty..... My chest feels a little heavy - almost like it's taking more energy to breath (if that makes sense) - im tired - i've got a stuffy and runny nose. I can't breath out of it - yet it's runny - my hunger is still here tho..... as soon as i get something in me - my body uses it right up. I've eaten more in the past 2 1/2 weeks than i ever have before. Yet i havn't really gained any weight. Strength is amazing for the short period i've been on so far....

    Anyways..... Does this sound like the test flu? What do you guys do to get rid of it A.S.A.P? I'd hate to hafta miss a workout tomorrow.....

    thanks for the help guys,
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    cure = rest sweat and more rest take some vit c to antitox, and plenty of water if it is test flue ( and it prob is) it will be gone in a couple of days dont train whatever u do as you bodys own defence will take a good kickin and itll take longer to go

    not what u want to hear but missing a couple of days in the gym isnt a big deal but a couple of weeks would be

    get well soon lol

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