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    Winny towards beginning of cycle

    Does anyone see problems with running winny at the beginning of the cycle:

    Week 1-12 Sus 500 Mg/wk eod
    Week 1-4 Winny 50 Mg ed
    Week 1-12 Nolva 10 Mg ed
    and proper pct

    Will the Winny help me lose body fat in this type of cycle?

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    Winny is a hardener. It is used to bring out muscle density and things of the like, but it will only do this with a low enough bf &. I would say save it for the last 5 weeks of the cycle and actually I would begin it at week 9-14. I could be wrong on the timing issue as I have never used sust before. Idealy you want the winny to end and the PCT to begin a few days thereafter. You might want to wait until week 10 to start the winny, but like I said I haven't used sust before. BUMP for info.

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    the winny will only harden you up, it wont help you lose fat. are you trying to cut or bulk?

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