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    sust. primo. cycle question

    I have 5 sust. 250 and 5 primo' I am thinking of adding 5 more sust. and doing a 10 week cycle of it with the primo some where in the middle and clomid in the last 2 weeks. I had great results with last cycle of sust. and d-bol, but wanted 2 try the primo this time. I would appreciate any good feed back

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    You need more sus to run 10 weeks. As for taking clomid in the last 2 weeks, I don't know what you mean, but it sounds wrong. Take clomid 3 weeks after your last shot of sus. Take more in your cycle, add eq or something else. Run the primo at the end. If you have to take it.

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    BigGenes is right. You will need more sust just to get to 10 weeks. 12 would be better, and I would never do primo again. Chances are highly likely that its fake. Read pheedo's PCT therapy. its the only way to go

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