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Thread: clen cycle,help

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    clen cycle,help

    okay since i guess my 1st cycle might seem to be postponed due to money issues...........and a lil confusion that i need to read up more on

    but i will continue leaning up ,and CLEN would be nice to help me get rid of the last 10lbs of fat i beleive and i also read its somewha androgenic ,not that much but possible like 2lb muscle gain or whaeva (Clenbuterol magnifies the effect of anabolic /androgenic steroids taken simulta-neously, since the protein processing is increased)if i play my diet rite maybe lose up the fat so when i start my real cycle test/dbol or sus/dbol i wont have to worry about high bf%

    what are your thoughts on CLEN and how should i cycle
    i am 160lbs ,5'9
    any suggestions?

    SINCE clen comes in 20mcg i believe would this be a good cycle 2weeks on 2weeks off,get the last 10lbs off......Do i need to go upto 100mcg a day,whats the limit of MCG a day for my age 18, and weight 160ish?? And i should take 20mcg at a meal rite,and than when i go up each day of 20mcg ,i add it with a meal ,spread the doses ? or take it all at 1meal???

    Day1: 20mcg
    Day2: 40mcg
    Day3: 60mcg
    Day4: 80mcg
    Day5: 80mcg
    Day6-Day12: 100mcg
    Day13: 80mcg
    Day14: 80mcg

    ALSO is ECA needed for the next 2weeks? what if i just do 2weeks clen wait 2weeks than do 2weeks again?
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    workout bro, eat right. and above all, dont ask a bunch of questions about a bunch of things you arent going to do or people will not respond to your post. just because you refrase a question doesnt mean people will refrase their answers to fit what you want to hear. listen to the advice that has been given to you. you cant learn anything if you refuse to listen. not flaming you at all lil brother, just offering my .02.

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