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    Cycling Quick Question

    Starting a Cycle in A few weeks. Will include proper pct including Nolva and clomid and such... But the main cycle consists of DBol Test E and EQ. The DBol at 30mg per day for 4 weeks. The EQ will be run at 400mg per week and the Test E will be 500mg per week extended one week longer then the EQ to allow for better PCT preparation With the cycle lasting roughly 10-12 weeks then starting pct 2 weeks after last test shot. The EQ will be 200mg/ml and will require 2 cc's per week. The Test will be 250mg/ml and require 2 cc's per week also. My questions are
    1) Should i shoot 2 cc's of test in one spot, then 2 cc's of EQ in another spot on the same day, once per week?
    2) Can I mix a cc of each together and if so Should i shoot 1 cc of each in the same needle together, twice per week such as Monday and Thursday to allow for optimal blood concentration throughout the week? Any help would be appreciated

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    I would do a cc of each mixed together on sunday and wednesday of every week...XXL

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    I'd shoot the two on the same day, e3d to ge exact. Yeah you can mix the two compounds in the same pin. On a side note, eq should be ran at least 12 weeks, run the test at least a week, preferably two, after your last eq shot. If you have used dbol in the past, I would bump it to 40mg ed, IMHO. That all depends on how you respond to it, though. If this is your first time with it go with won't be disappointed.

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