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Thread: next cycle

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    next cycle

    Alright guys. I'm currently on week 12 of my current cycle:

    Prop wk 1-14 75mg ED
    EQ wk 1-10 400mg/week
    Tren wk 1-8 50mg ED
    Winny wk 9-14 50 mg ED

    This next will be my third cycle. I'm 23, and about 185lbs. I am about 8% body fat and obviously cutting. I plan on starting another cutting cycle about 2 months after pct. I've taken EQ on both my past two cycles, the one before this being a bulking cycle of Test E and EQ. I am just throwing around several different ideas right now on what I want to run. I want to shred as much as I can on this next cycle, but I really don't want to run prop again, so I'm going to use Test E. The other things I'm thinking about running are: primo, winny, tren(i love that ****), and front loading D-bol. Any ideas are appreciated...

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    If you want to shred why would you use dbol ? I'd go with var if you could, IMO. If you want to stay lean, given what you are thinking of running I would run the following...

    250-300mg test enth e3d wk1-14
    200-300mg primo enth e3d wk1-12
    50mg fina ed wk1-8
    50mg anavar ed wk1-6
    100mg test prop ed wk12-16 (front end loading recomendation)

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    Oh yeah, you could also do the anavar during weeks 11-17 to match up PCT since you will be using tren during the first 8 weeks.

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    bump for my boy Jerm.

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