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    Headache from test e/eq?

    i will be on 4 weeks this sunday. shot some test e /eq this AM, now i have a slight headache and dont feel so well. could it be the juice? also i forgot to mention i am currently also doing dbol started week 3 and going to run til week 7, yes i know i should have started on week 1 but my dbols arrived late, nothing i can do about that.

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    You could be getting test flu, when I am on a cycle everynow and then I do not feel really up to par but it goes away.

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    as a anabolic member u should knwo DONT START UNLESS U HAVE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! hah ok now that i busted your chops a little.... it might be high blood pressure. or possibly an infection. when i had an infection i had the worst headaches ever. i mean unbearable ones

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