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    Cycle for a friend.

    My friend is 6'6 an weighs 210 lbs and is 22 he wants to do another cycle and has done one in the past a d bol and drol stack which gave him 30lbs for some reason that didn't go away but had some back stretch marks. this is what hes thinkin for next cycle and its what he has on hands at the moment should he get anything else?? i know about vitamins and all that but should there be some changes?

    wk 1-10 sust 500mg/w
    day 1-10 50mg drol/d
    day 11-26 100mg drol/d
    wk 9-12 winny 50mg/d

    pct 30 days clomid nolva.

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    1. dbol /drol cycle for a first cycle? very bad cycle!
    2. the way u wrote your cycle make me think that:
    - for best results, sust has to be injected eod
    - u never taper any aas dose
    - u dont know that it takes 3 wks for sust to clear
    - u should use winny for at least 5-6 wks

    test only should be his first REAL cycle...

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    Your "friend" is lucky to have someone lookin out for him.

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