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Thread: thyroid

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    my doctor wanted to do some blood work on me so i did and she said my thyroid was low, she said it was low enough to put me on thyroid meds...she wants me to wait 2 weeks and get the blood work done again to see if my thyroid gets better...if it doesnt she is going to put me on meds...I am on a deca only cycle right now of 200mg a week and im going on my 6th week right now...does anyone know if deca causes thyroid problems or if that is caused by something else...Because I dont want to take this thyroid med if I dont have to

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    I don't think Deca would do that. Have u had Cytomel in the past?

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    Deca isn't causing any of your thyroid problems...what did she check for? if she's going by TSH levelks only then that is inconclusive to diagnose you with hypothyroidism. get a digital thermometer (10.00) and take your resting temp first thing in the morning before your feet even hit the floor, record these temps for the next four days and PM me with the results, there may be other approaches to correcting the problem rather than with meds..Are you experiencing any of the symptoms of hypothyroidism? low energy, constipation, easy weight gain, insomnia etc...?

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