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    check your closet

    T-3 only cycle???

    is it ok to do a T-3 only cycle for rapid fat loss, or should it be combined with like winny, and or EQ to better the results...

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    well T3 is very catabolic, so most people only use it at the end or during a cycle.

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    I agree, T3 eats up your muscle, so it's best taken with juice. Why not go on Clen ? Also works good.

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    I wouldn't dare try t3 w/o gear....

    primobolan , winny, propionate , t3, clen will leave your competitors speachless on a calorie restricted diet. I assure you.

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    Had long discussions with WARLOBO on the Elite boards about this. He seems pretty smart in this field. He advised only taking t-3 with gear to minimise muscle loss and suggested 2 weeks on and two weeks off cycles of clen afterwards to fend off the rapid wait gain often associated with the rebound effect of coming off of the t-3. He also suggested using Eca stack from GNC ,or whatever supplement store you use, on the weeks you are off the clen. This set-up worked well for me.

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